Regression therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher
Healing for the wounded healers

With spirit guide to higher self

Reconnect to the unique blueprint, wisdom, and power of your soul and regain cosmic strength


What if your illness or trauma turned out to be the biggest blessing for your personal, spiritual, and business growth?

Regression therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher

Meeting my spirit guides changed everything

When I communicated with my spirit guides for the first time, it immediately shifted something in me. As in a lightning strike, I experienced who I really am in the depths of my soul. I understood the higher purpose of my illness and experiences. And I suddenly knew I was important to the Universe. And why. Wow!

I  also felt so loved, cherished, and safe. From that moment on, loneliness was a thing of the past. 

My spirit guides understand my deepest emotions without me having to explain myself. Without their guidance, I would still be bedridden and dependent.

They help me align with my cosmic wisdom and power so that I can heal myself. And others. 

Earthly words can't describe how wonderful and miraculous it is to communicate with my spirit guides and work as a team on healing and helping others.

I have been very blessed to receive and witness many miracles since I started working as a regression therapist, shaman, and spiritual teacher in 1996. 

And let's not forget: we laugh a lot, it is always such a joy to be with them!

Being in touch with these wise souls continuously boosts my personal and spiritual development, and thus also my business growth.

It fills me with intense joy and gratitude to grow together to higher levels of healing, consciousness, frequencies, creative power, love, and light. 

And you can do this, too. Your spirit guide cannot wait to be your cosmic mentor, healer, and best friend

Now imagine that you, too...

  • Are aligned with your soul
  • Have access to higher wisdom and higher energies
  • You know who you are, why you are here, and what the Universe wants for you
  • Feel reassured and relieved 
  • Are your authentic self
  • Understand the higher purpose of all your painful experiences
  • Regain cosmic strength 
  • Have the energy to heal, transform, grow and thrive
  • Are no longer stuck in your healing process
  • Are the expert on your own body and health
  • Have faith in yourself and your body (your body is no longer your enemy)
  • Claim your spiritual powers
  • Heed your higher calling
  • Confidently grow your business around your calling
  • Launch better services for your clients, services they truly need from you
  • Have healthy, happy, and meaningful relationships
  • Climb the cosmic ladder
  • Rise like a phoenix and turn into the more powerful light bringer, healer, and leader the Universe needs you to be

If your heart longs for this, and if you and your business need this, I have got the perfect program for you.

With spirit guide to higher self:

Reconnect to the unique blueprint, wisdom, and power of your soul and regain cosmic strength

Worried that your health issues are going to ruin your happiness, relationships, and business?

This program is where your ultimate growth opportunities lie because if you suffer from health issues, you need:

  • Customized 1-on-1 coaching. You are unique, and your illness or trauma is unique, too. That requires customization. Because isn't it frustrating that (spiritual) theories around illness and trauma are so superficial most of the time and usually don't reflect what you experience? Which makes you feel terrible about yourself? It shouldn't be like that!
  • Slower pace. Isn't it a terrible feeling when you are left behind in the dust in a group program because others move faster than you? That is always so frustrating to me... So, when you work with me, we will adapt to your needs, to your pace. A slower pace also allows working on deeper levels, which gives more lasting healing and transformation. And that's exactly what we want!
  • And have you tried different treatments or therapies in the past that only brought a piece of the puzzle? Learning how to communicate with your spirit guide, and aligning with your soul, will solve that. All answers are embedded in you. All answers come through you.
Regression therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher

Are you ready for lightning to strike in? 

  • You will meet your spirit guide and learn how to communicate with him.
  • Nothing helps raise your vibration more than work together with your spirit guide on your personal, spiritual, and business growth.
  • The common thread that carries through from your past lives into your present life will be clear. You need to know your past (lives) to rise like a phoenix.
  • Your higher purpose, your mission, for this present life, will be clear. 
  • The higher meaning of your illness or trauma will be clear. Discover why you didn't suffer just for yourself. 
  • Your Inner Light Warrior will be awake and active.
  • Step by step, you will reconnect more to the unique blueprint, wisdom, and power of your soul and regain cosmic strength. 
  • And then you can heal yourself. And others. And create better services or products for your clients. And serve the Universe. 
  • And more. But I can't put miracles into words; you have to experience them for yourself. 

This is how you turn struggles into blessings and climb the cosmic ladder.  

Your struggles have a higher purpose. You need to get access to that so you can use it for your benefit. And to serve the Universe. 

Aligning with your higher self and working together with your spirit guide allows you to up-level your health, happiness, relationships, and success. Over and over again.

In practical terms

  • 1 profoundly transforming, magical, live session of three hours. You can follow this session online, but you are also welcome to come to France and lie live under my drum for the most intense experience.  
  • 4 online sessions of one hour.
  • 4 worksheets, sent to you via e-mail. With assignments that you will work on, together with your spirit guide. You will get higher insights than ever before. 
  • 3 weeks without sessions or worksheets, so you will have extra time to process everything. 
  • I encourage you to e-mail me in the weeks that we don't have an appointment. That gives me the possibility to coach you via e-mail (9 times maximum).
  • 14 weeks in total. If you need more time, we will stretch the time between the appointments so you can have the rest you need. Your health and process come first. 
  • The worksheets offer structure in your process and ensure that specific themes are worked on. 
  • The sessions give me the chance to help you with your personal, unique challenges.
  • You will receive an audio recording of each session so you can use it to continue to deepen your process. 
  • We will work with our spirit guides and other light beings such as angels or power animals. I will use shamanic techniques and teach you techniques you can use for your transformation. 


For over three months of customized, one-on-one coaching: € 2.168,00  (VAT is not applicable.)

BONUS: online training 'Meet your spirit guide'

The perfect preparation for your sessions with me. My spirit guides always call this the "pre-wash" :-)

You will learn everything there is to know about spirit guides

This extended online training includes information, meditations, exercises. You will learn how to tune into your heart, your intuition, your ancient/primeval memory. And, of course, how to align and communicate with your spirit guide and other light beings such as angels, power animals, and so on. 

Enough to keep you busy for a few weeks.

Value: € 189,00.

But if you reserve 'With spirit guide to higher self', you get access for free!

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

I only want happy clients. 

If you do your homework and communicate at least three times with me during the online training 'Meet your spirit guide', but fail to communicate with your spirit guide or journey through past lives, or if you don't like the results of the first session with me, you will receive a 100% refund.

I know enough, I want to contact you!

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Sorry, you are not ready for this if...

  1. You are not ready to take responsibility for your own well-being
  2. You'd rather stay in the merry-go-round in your head
  3. You prefer to keep collecting puzzle pieces rather than committing to real and lasting transformation
  4. You prefer to be a bargain hunter and not opt for quality
  5. You doubt that this is for you. If you step into something hesitatingly, you will get questionable results

I am giving you 100% because I want 100% results for you.

I ask that commitment from you as well. 


I am not ill or traumatized. Can I work with you?

Yes, you can. If everything you read on this website resonates with you and you would like me to become your mentor, you are more than welcome.

I don't have any spiritual experience. Can I work with you?

Yes, you can. If everything you read on this website resonates with you and you would like me to become your mentor, you are more than welcome. The fact that you don’t have a lot of spiritual experience in this lifetime doesn’t necessarily mean that you didn’t already have many spiritual experiences in earlier lives. Maybe you're about to discover how spiritually gifted you are :-)

Do I get a certificate or diploma?

No, the work you do with me, you do for yourself and your evolvement. It will affect your healing, transformation, happiness, and success, but it all starts with you. The cosmos doesn't give certificates :-)


What others say

No escape possible

"I needed guidance in how to live from my heart again.

I especially liked the fact that Jolanda's coaching is customized. This also meant that I could not escape ;-) 

It was very natural and, at the same time, very special to learn to communicate with my spirit guide. 

He gives me the feeling that I can ask anything without being judged. And he will always give me a pure answer. 

It feels wonderful to be independent without having to do it alone. 

My foundation has changed from shaky to firmly grounded and secure."

Victoria E. Lagerwey, Coach for highly sensitive children, using horses and ponies.
Meeting my spirit guide changed my life

"I was faced with an insecurity that kept me from believing in myself, I didn't have the courage to be visible as a starting entrepreneur. I had already tried a few things myself... but I failed in getting to these limiting beliefs and changing them. For me, it has been precious to discover where my insecurity originated... and with what sources of energies I can align, to live my light.

Meeting my spirit guide has changed my life, and moreover, it was wonderful to experience how empowered I felt in the life I shared with him. 

I definitely recommend Jolanda to others because she has a lot of wisdom to offer. She is a wonderful woman as a person...and professionally, she is also outstanding."

Esther Benard, expert in coaching with horses for people who are sensitive to addiction

The transformations last

"I am absolutely thrilled about the results of working with you. 

The transformations last because of your intensive guidance. I felt that you were always connected with my soul.

You are so present throughout the whole process, in everything. That is your commitment! > 100%!

I hope that more people will consult you so that they can take a giant leap forward, too.

I hope you can continue to work for clients for a very long time."

Thomas, interim manager

"What a loving and unique guidance from Jolanda.

I did a 'Meet Your Spirit Guide session' with her and saw, felt, and got so much confirmation! Jolanda travels along with you and checks your impressions. This gives so much validation to what you see or feel. 

Jolanda knows what she is talking about and guides you firmly but lovingly in the right direction. 

Afterward, she will send you in the direction you need to go, with clear advice. 

Exactly what appeals to me; clear and down-to-earth. I had a good feeling from the beginning, and the investment has been more than worth it.

Life-changing. I am not ever going to forget this. 

Thank you, Jolanda!"

Regression therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher
Kim Goossens, speech therapist

So many answers

"I had enormous doubts about my abilities and fought a battle between ego/control and authenticity. I was looking for answers and confirmation that I was on the right path.

The best part for me was meeting my spirit guide Ezahr (magical!), and experiencing the presence of my deceased horse Joshua. I experienced such overwhelming love at those moments and directly felt so many answers without even working for it. 

During the sessions, I opened myself without difficulty because of the pleasant ambiance.

I have built a better relationship with my father, which will benefit my relationships with men in general. 

I found this program to be one big adventure, and I am looking forward to continuing my spiritual growth. Thank you so much for this beautiful journey, Jolanda!"

Romée Gerritsen, student neurobiological psychology

Fascinating and intense

"You can learn all kinds of business strategies from many business coaches. But, Jolanda understands better than anyone how to make the connection between your soul's purpose and your business mission. 

It's all about passing on energies and insights that you have liberated yourself.

My ideal client is not just someone I have chosen by chance but is someone who needs the wisdom, energies, and life experiences of my soul. 

It is remarkable and sometimes even moving that my soul client will tell me (during meditations) what she needs in the products and services I offer, and what she needs to hear from me in my communication. 

These have been fascinating and intense months. And I can finally say with love: this is me!"

Regression therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher
Karin van Kooten, coach

Interested in 'With spirit guide to higher self'?

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Just fill in the form below, and you will hear from me soon. 

With love & light, 


** Please be advised that working with me is never a substitute for treatment by your physician. You should always respect the prescriptions of your physician if you have health problems. If you suffer from schizophrenia or when you are using drugs, it is not recommended to try to communicate with the spirits. I encourage you to find help and treatment elsewhere.