Those who have been through the fire

leave sparks of light wherever they go (unknown)

Work with me - healing for the wounded healers

Customized 1-on-1 coaching is always required in case of illness or trauma. 

You are unique, and your illness or trauma is unique, too.  That requires customization. 

With spirit guide to higher self

This program is where your ultimate growth opportunities lie. 

Nothing helps raise your vibration more than learning to communicate with your own spirit guide and then work together on your personal, spiritual, and business growth. 

You will reconnect to the unique blueprint, wisdom, and power of your soul and regain cosmic strength. And thus heal yourself. And others. 

Online boost for heart & soul

  • When you make an appointment, you indicate what you would like to work on and what you would like our help with. 
  • We can work on your health, relationships, new steps in your business, or any other challenges that appear on your path. 
  • Great tool for staying on track, for continuing to boost your personal, spiritual, and business growth. 

€ 149,00 per session of one hour. (VAT is not applicable.)

Or buy 10 sessions at once for € 1.490,00 and get 1 for free. 

You can ask for an appointment by filling in the contact form below. You will hear from me shortly!

Customized coaching

  • Unique 1-on-1 coaching based on your wants and needs. 
  • This can be a single consultation or a combination of short online sessions of one hour, extended transformational sessions of three hours (in France or online), and/or coaching via e-mail. 
  • The consultation/program is set up in dialogue with our spirit guides, based on the goals you want to achieve. 
  • The best choice for people with a high level of spiritual awareness and advanced spiritual skills. 
  • I also offer guidance and support if you want to do a spiritual retreat (here in France or somewhere else in the world), and I will give you information that will help you create your own ceremonies and rituals.  

Would you like to consult with me about the various possibilities? Just fill in the contact form below so that we can schedule a no-obligation videocall.


I am not ill or traumatized. Can I work with you?

Yes, you can. If everything you read on this website resonates with you and you would like me to become your mentor, you are more than welcome.

I don't have any spiritual experience. Can I work with you?

Yes, you can. If everything you read on this website resonates with you and you would like me to become your mentor, you are more than welcome. The fact that you don’t have a lot of spiritual experience in this lifetime doesn’t necessarily mean that you didn’t already have many spiritual experiences in earlier lives. Maybe you're about to discover how spiritually gifted you are :-)

Do I get a certificate or diploma?

No, the work you do with me, you do for yourself and your evolvement. It will affect your healing, transformation, happiness, and success, but it all starts with you. The cosmos doesn't give certificates :-)


What others say

Your meditations always help
"For as long as I have known you, your meditations have traveled with me from above the Arctic Circle to Nepal and Bali.

Even when we are sailing across the sea. So great.

Your meditations always help me. No matter what it takes, it always works.

Thanks, xxxxxxxxxxxxx"


I know my path now

"I felt stuck, and I had no clear idea about what I wanted to do in my life.

It was fabulous to meet my spirit guide! And the nice thing about meeting my guide in your presence is experiencing that I wasn't fantasizing. I learned that I may trust my feelings and impressions. 

Because of the session, I can live in the now. And I know which path I want to go in my life (picking up my own creativity again and working with sensitive children). I have gained confidence in the things I see and feel, and I have faith that I can evolve.  

Thank you very much for your work with me. I think you are doing a fantastic job!"

Dieneke Ankringa, coach for children
A high level of service

"I highly recommend Jolanda if you are looking for someone who can professionally guide you in your personal growth and in communicating with your guide.

Jolanda has integrity and is very loving, and she offers a high level of service!"

Regression therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher

Linda Thuijs, marketing coach for B&B-owners

It was an advantage to come to France

"Customized coaching has improved my relationship with my husband. My foundation feels more solid. We got to the heart of my fear of getting in the way. My breathing has improved. I have a deeper and more spiritual understanding of the power of respect. I have gotten to know my ego better. 

My business has also grown with me throughout this program. My feminine energy is a lot more visible. I am better at leading my team. And since I rewrote the 'about me page' I get other clients.

It was an advantage to undergo an extensive session in France.

I had to step out of the daily grind. By being there, the session brought more results. I had the time to digest it, let it happen, and go deeper into the process"

Regression therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher

Gery Stevens, SEO specialist, and website coach

I feel reborn!

"Through 'Meet Your Spirit Guide', I have gained insight into my soul's purpose and am back in touch with my true self. I feel my soul's power again and know how to use that to heal my old wounds. I feel stronger, and I don't wobble anymore. I know what to do to create the life my heart desires. I now trust my feelings and impressions without any doubt and act on them. I feel reborn!

You gave it your all to make me get the most out of myself. The time, patience, explanations, and insights you gave me. Full of passion and love for your work, you were there for me completely. My life has taken a positive turn, thanks to you. What a wonderful person you are. You are in my heart.

I would not know how you could improve your services, I am all praise!!! If you are looking for your authentic self and want to gain insight into all the themes on your life path, then working with Jolanda is the best investment in yourself ever!!!"

Ilse Aarts, Emergency Room Nurse
I loved your 100% tune-in

"I was struggling with emotional attacks of anger that could not be stopped. Moreover, I was very much in need of connecting with my subconscious and my higher consciousness.

I loved your one hundred percent tune-in and love.

It felt very loving and warm to meet my spirit guide. Sometimes, just like that, he is there. Often with humor.

The most important thing that has changed is my self-confidence. I feel confirmed in my deeper knowing, which I have had since childhood. Often I tried to adapt to others, but now I have stopped doing that. I feel strong. 

The insights from my past lives help me. I can let go of anger more easily.

I really do not know how you could improve your services, Jolanda. I think you are an expert in this field. I would certainly recommend your services."

Trudy Schambergen, drama teacher/actress/singer

Most beautiful experience of my life

"Except for the birth of my children, meeting my spirit guide again was the most beautiful experience of my life."

Anne, manager

I found myself

"I had trouble listening to my heart. I couldn't recognize the voice of my heart. My head was working overtime, and I felt like I had wandered away from my true path.

At first, it was unfamiliar to communicate with my spirit guide, but it was immediately very effective. My guide helps me to put my problems into perspective and to take myself a little less seriously. I felt the most impact when I met the several women I was before, in earlier lives. They showed me and aligned me with my authentic self. And by seeing and feeling my soul in other bodies, in earlier lives, I also found myself in this present life. 

My entire life has changed.

A thousand thanks, dear Jolanda!!!!!"

Donna, entrepreneur
Super happy I did it!

"I did the Rebirthing Ritual.

You supported me at distance during this spiritual retreat in which I followed the guidelines you provided.

This ritual brought so much clarity. It transformed me in such an incredibly profound way.

Everything, truly everything, became clear to me. 

It was enormously valuable. I really enjoyed it and am super happy I did it!

These were days to treasure and to remember."

 Charles Giesberger, Founder of Let's Creaid  


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to make a reservation. You're more than welcome!

** Please be advised that working with me is never a substitute for treatment by your physician. You should always respect the prescriptions of your physician if you have health problems. If you suffer from schizophrenia or when you are using drugs, it is not recommended to try to communicate with the spirits. I encourage you to find help and treatment elsewhere.