Do you need to get unstuck in your healing process and thrive on a personal, spiritual, and business level?

Hi, my name is Jolanda Linders. Since 1996 I have been working as a regression/reincarnation therapist, shaman, and spiritual teacher with expertise in communicating with spirit guides.

I guide high-achieving soulful entrepreneurs on a spiritual journey to help them find the blessing and higher calling in their trauma or illness so that they will heal, grow and thrive on a personal, spiritual, and business level. I offer healing for the wounded healers, the new leaders of this world. 

  • Entrepreneurs who are healing this world in any way, shape, or form
  • The game-changers, the change-makers, the new leaders of this world, the bringers of light 
  • Coaches, trainers, therapists, healers, musicians, artists, dog trainers, virtual assistants, etcetera 
  • Heart-centred and service-minded business owners who have bigger goals than themselves

Over the years, I have seen that so many highly sensitive, empathic, and spiritual people suffer a lot. I especially felt called for entrepreneurs who suffer from a chronic illness or trauma, just like me. The chronically ill entrepreneur. 

  • Passionate people with the heart of an angel, the courage of a lion, and the fire of a light warrior  
  • I feel so much passion for working for these survivors, these brave tigers who won't give up
  • I am here for you with all my heart and soul. You are safe with me
  • You won't be judged
  • I honor your pain and see the strength and wisdom of your soul behind it and in it

If you are worried that your health issues are going to get in the way of everything, then feel welcome to subscribe to my online program:

From illness and trauma to higher calling

Online course for entrepreneurs, 5 steps in 10 days

Videos, exercises, meditations, and more

Get unstuck in your healing process and thrive on a personal, spiritual, and business level

What others say

No spiritual nonsense, straight from the heart.

"I don't know anyone else who can center and empower people, as well as you can.

Together with your spirit guides, you indicate what I need, and I always feel supported.

It all comes from the heart and not from a book, and that makes all the difference.

You are very patient and loving, and you are  a true teacher, a wise woman."

Regression therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher
Lilian van Houten, spiritual coach                         
Rarely experienced someone who works so respectfully, without any judgment.

"Almost every entrepreneur experiences it at one point: things are not going well, you don't know what to do, the energy is not flowing freely. In short, you are "stuck".

At that moment, there is only one person who can help, and that is Jolanda.

She ensures that you come up with the answer. And an answer from your deepest self is the most powerful thing there is!"

Charles Giesberger, Founder of Let's Creaid                                 

I have constantly experienced your guidance as very warm, empathic, and supportive.

"A big thank you, dear Jolanda, for being able to lead me inward and show me the way to my spirit guide. And that I can thus reconnect with the great Source of Wisdom and Love. 

Communicating with my spirit guide fills me with immense love and warmth. And gratitude that he is guiding me in this life. This gives so much support and trust at a deep level within myself."

Regression therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher
Marianne Lourens, copywriter, and psychosocial counselor