What if your illness or trauma turned out to be the biggest blessing for your personal, spiritual, and business growth?

Worried about your health getting in the way of everything?

Are you worried

  1. that your health issues will destroy the business that you have worked so hard to build?
  2. that you won't have enough energy to share your talent with the world?
  3. why all the healing work you have done has not been effective enough?
  4. that your family members, friends, and customers will distance themselves from you?
  5. that you're about to give up on all of your dreams?
HSP, chronically ill entrepreneur

How I went from bedridden to life-saving healer

Hi, my name is Jolanda Linders.

When I was 14 years old, my life changed completely after I had some sort of seizure. From a very skinny, strong, and sporty girl, I suddenly transformed into a girl with multiple seizures a day, and I was always suffering from horrible migraines. 

Because doctors couldn’t diagnose me correctly the first few decades, I was completely thrown back on myself, my own perceptions, and my own intuition.

In the nineties, I was even bedridden for 6 (long) years,

My muscles were so weak that I could not walk on my own, I had serious heart problems, I still suffered migraines every day, and I was completely dependent on my husband's care.

I honestly didn't think that I would make it till my 30th birthday. I couldn't imagine how my body had to survive. 


From that moment on, my spiritual development went into some kind of turbo-mode 

My illness and traumas have taught me so much about myself, my health, path, heart, and soul. But also about relationships, about the laws of nature, about energies, about the Universe. About how energy affects matter and vice versa.

And the spirits have given me so much guidance; they have given me so many miracles…  Year after year, my connection and communication with 'the other world' developed immensely. Slowly, the healer in me stood up

Gradually I began to regain strength, and in 1995, 3 angels appeared and told me it was time to start helping and healing others. Honestly, I would have fallen if I wasn’t already in bed! I was in total shock because I truly hadn’t seen that one coming!

But I surrendered and committed, and since 1996 I have been working as a regression therapist, shaman, and spiritual teacher with expertise in communicating with spirit guides. I have worked for over 2300 one-on-one clients, more and more entrepreneurs over time.  

In 2016 my husband suffered a severe stroke, but I saved his life through my spiritual powers. Doctors still can't understand how he survived. And how he survived this well. Of course, I do :-).

At this moment, I am dedicating all my time and energy to work for entrepreneurs who also suffer from chronic illness or trauma.

People that serve others and have higher goals than themselves. The wounded healers, the new leaders of this earth, the bringers of light. 

I feel so much passion for these survivors, these brave tigers who won’t give up. They have the heart of an angel, are courageous like a lion, and are passionate as a true light warrior. 

I am here for you with all my heart and soul. You are safe with me.

You won’t be judged, on the contrary… I honor your pain and see your strength and wisdom in it. If you want to, I will do anything within my powers to help you rise like a phoenix, too.

Do you need to find out what a blessing in disguise

your illness or trauma really is?

Does your heart long to

  • find the higher meaning of your experiences?
  • learn why your body isn't your enemy, but your guide and mentor?
  • become the expert of your own body and health?
  • get 'unstuck' in your healing process?
  • regain trust in yourself and your body?
  • claim your spiritual powers?
  • heed your higher calling?
  • confidently continue to grow your business around your calling? 
  • and have many healthy, happy, and meaningful relationships?

Then this program is destined for you!

  • Online course
  • For entrepreneurs who struggle with chronic illness or trauma
  • 5 steps in 10 days
  • Videos, exercises, meditations, and more
  • although very valuable, you can now subscribe for free

Turn struggles into blessings and thrive on personal, spiritual, and business level!

From illness and trauma to higher calling

Your information is safe with us

What others say

"Jolanda succeeded in really getting me back in touch with my heart and helped me to trust it again.

She reconnected me with my spirit guide and gave me tools and taught me techniques that I still use. 

All in a very pure, down to earth and spiritual way. A powerful combination!"

Regression therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher
Margriet Darwinkel, coach and founder of the Happy Family Academy
"Jolanda does not hide behind 'professional jargon' but simply says what she sees, feels, and hears.

She uses very clear and sharp examples so that I can experience if something resonates with me, or not. 

In addition, Jolanda teaches you techniques you can use immediately."
Marielle Giesberger, business coach voor coaches and therapists

"With Jolanda, I discovered where my inexplicable sadness, fear, and uncertainty came from. I closed my heart because of this and could not truly enjoy the beauty that life offered.

It was GREAT to learn how to communicate with my spirit guide!

Now I have peace. I feel more confident, and I feel loved: I am so much happier!"

Belinda Doornbos, Lifestyle Consultant at Longevity Practice Purity

"When you start drumming, the sky opens.  

Every time.

Miracles really do exist!"


Ronald, manager

"Dear Jolanda, your unconditional support and encouragement as that of a lioness mother has always pulled me over thresholds. You have always believed in me and have expressed this in a loving manner when I couldn't find it in my own heart. Now I believe in myself again, and I feel supported by the universe. I feel connected."

Monique van Versendaal, Tao teacher

"I think Jolanda is fantastic. She is a wonderful, powerful woman, and I have learned so much from her. 

She amazed me enormously with her uncommon visions, and she taught me techniques that I will continue to use. 

I also had a great laugh with her during the consultations, which made it especially nice!"

Barbara Jacobi, administrative assistant

"Thanks for the great workshop! You always give extra energy; that is what I find so special about you.

And I really feel that this energy does its magic. So, Thank you, Jolanda!"


"You have a special way of choosing your words, and you always manage to strike just that chord that resonates even more. And: you do it with humor and compassion. I hope you will continue your work for a very long, long time!


 "You work tirelessly for us, it is so extraordinary. With so much dedication, patience, and gentleness. Thank you for all the times you helped me back on track. Thank you actually feels like not enough! Thank you 1000 times!"


Do you also want to reconnect to the wisdom and powers of your soul, so you can heal yourself, and others?

From illness and trauma to higher calling

  • Online course
  • For entrepreneurs who struggle with chronic illness or trauma
  • 5 steps in 10 days
  • Videos, exercises, meditations, and more
  • although very valuable, you can now subscribe for free

Get unstuck in your healing process, and thrive on a personal, spiritual, and business level!

** Please be advised that this program is not a substitute for treatment by your physician. You should always respect the prescriptions of your physician if you have health problems. If you suffer from schizophrenia or when you are using drugs, this program is not recommended. I encourage you to find help and treatment elsewhere.