Healing for the wounded healers
Healing for the wounded healers
Healing for the wounded healers

From my heart to yours... it is so nice to meet you

Hi, my name is Jolanda Linders, and since 1996 I have been working as a regression/reincarnation therapist, shaman, and spiritual teacher with expertise in communicating with spirit guides.

I guide high-achieving soulful entrepreneurs on a spiritual journey to help them find the blessing and higher calling in their trauma or illness so that they will heal, grow and thrive on a personal, spiritual, and business level.

Healing for the wounded healers, the new leaders of this world

Healing for the wounded healers


After many past lives as a healer, in many shapes and forms and different cultures on this earth, my soul's purpose is to bring light, healing, and higher consciousness into this world.

Again. And no matter what. That's how I serve the Universe best. 

  • After dealing with the challenges of serious chronic illness for 37 years and having been through many traumatic experiences, ever since my childhood
  • After 25 years of  experience as a regression therapist, shaman, spiritual teacher and entrepreneur
  • Having worked for over 2300 one-on-one clients since 1996, more and more entrepreneurs over time    
  • And as a Dutch woman living in France (even for the second time around)

It was time for me to step up to the next level. Time to grow again on all levels possible.

In the course of 2020, I felt the higher calling to exclusively start dedicating my time and energy to entrepreneurs who serve others, people who are healing this world in any way, shape, or form

And not only in the Netherlands and Belgium but for entrepreneurs all over the world. 

  • The game-changers, the change-makers, the new leaders of this world, the bringers of light 
  • Coaches, trainers, therapists, healers, musicians, artists, dog trainers, virtual assistants, etcetera 
  • Heart-centred and service-minded business owners who have bigger goals than themselves
  • Passionate people with the heart of an angel, the courage of a lion, and the fire of a light warrior  

Over the years, I have seen that so many highly sensitive, empathic, and spiritual people suffer a lot. I especially felt called for entrepreneurs who suffer from a chronic illness or trauma, just like me. The chronically ill entrepreneur

  • I feel so much passion for working for these survivors, these brave tigers who won't give up
  • I am here for you with all my heart and soul. You are safe with me
  • You won't be judged
  • I honor your pain and see the strength and wisdom of your soul behind it and in it

I feel called...  

I feel called to teach you how to communicate with your own personal spirit guide and help you get insight into your past lives and the blueprint of your soul. These insights will reveal why your suffering has been a blessing in disguise. 

You will know why you are here and what decisions you need to make, both on a personal and business level. 

I feel called to share my cosmic wisdom about illness and trauma and take away all the illusions that are being spread as if they are cosmic laws by people who have not been where you and I have been.

I feel called to help you transform or let go of unhealthy relationships. Relationships have a huge impact on our health. I will teach you how to create sacred boundaries so you won't damage your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health any further. 

I feel called to help you integrate your soul's purpose into the higher mission of your business. Because that is where everything comes together, and miracles start to happen: you will connect (soul to soul) with your soul client instead of thinking about the profile of your ideal client.  And you will know exactly what services they truly need from you because on a spiritual level, they will tell you. Copywriting will be a piece of cake because you will speak the soul language of your soul client. 

And last but not least: I feel called to bring people together and create a soul family on earth. No one heals alone, and no one thrives alone. 

So let’s do this together… let’s unite. Let’s give each other the family that some of us may not have. Let’s give each other the deep and meaningful relationships that we long for. Let us empower each other, let us love one another, let’s play together, let’s laugh together. Let’s create a huge impact together, from love and light. 

Do you also want to reconnect to the wisdom and powers of your soul so you can heal yourself and others?

But are you worried your health is getting in the way of everything?

Are you worried 

  1. that your health issues will destroy the business that you have worked so hard to build?
  2. that you won't have enough energy to share your talent with the world?
  3. why all the healing work you have done has not been effective enough?
  4. that your family members, friends, and customers will distance themselves from you?
  5. that you're about to give up on your dreams?

Does your heart long to

  • find the higher meaning of your experiences?
  • learn why your body isn't your enemy, but your guide and mentor?
  • become the expert of your own body and health?
  • get 'unstuck' in your healing process?
  • regain trust in yourself and your body?
  • claim your spiritual powers?
  • heed your higher calling?
  • confidently continue to grow your business around your calling? 
  • and have many healthy, happy, and meaningful relationships?

Then feel welcome to subscribe to my online program:

From illness and trauma to higher calling

Turn struggles into blessings and thrive on a personal, spiritual, and business level

  • Online course
  • For entrepreneurs who struggle with chronic illness or trauma
  • 5 steps in 10 days
  • Videos, exercises, meditations, and more
  • although very valuable, you can now subscribe for free

Is it time to discover what a blessing in disguise your illness or trauma really is? And get 'unstuck' in your healing process?

Your information is safe with us

What others say

"I think you are a fantastic person and a great mentor/inspirator! Your approach and guidance are one of a kind."

Sanne van der Wal, holistic therapist & intuitive coach
“Jolanda (and helpers), thank you for your support and help during this process. You saved me from a black hole. Now I can continue my life in the way it was meant for me! I ETERNALLY THANK you for this !!! ”
"Jolanda Linders has the ability to guide us with expertise, love, and intuition to the past, before our birth. It is an experience that provides a deep understanding of the present and puts everything in a new, larger perspective."
Susan Smit, writer of novels and books about personal growth